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Uniden bearcat bc145xl owners manual

I've purchased them at lower cost from:.
At 2017 prices, mail-in programming services usually run about 50 to 80, including shipping fees.
Bypassing the TIP29 (a voltage regulator) with disc ceramics didn't work; using a smaller heatsink and an insulator fixed the problem." "There is iron man penis pdf torrent also a 220 ohm 1/4 watt resistor on the logic board.
Take the Manual Route, don't sweat the foreboding "All LockOut" screen upon powering up your BC series scanner that's just business as usual for a Bearcat that hasn't been programmed yet.The code is comprised of a single character (C Cumberland, Indiana, P Puerto Rico followed by four digits denoting year and week the radio was built.4700 Amon Carter Blvd.He also recommends adding.1 ceramic renault scenic 2002 manual capacitor in parallel with C98.Uniden currently charges a flat rate of 54 for scanner repairs.Symptom: Keyboard Bounce After much use, the Chromerics keyboards in Bearcat scanners start to wear out.I found this condition in a BC210XL scanner owned by a heavy smoker.A Panasonic HF series capacitor.It was an intermittent problem that depended upon the position of the antenna cable - if the weight of the cable placed tension on the jack in one direction hunger games map pc 1.5 2.0 contact was made and the radio worked fine.I didn't have a higher-wattage resistor, so I substituted 2 470-ohm resistors in parallel." Symptom: Squelch Won't Eliminate White Noise Most Uniden/Bearcat base/mobile scanners feature an auto squelch position, actuated by rotating the squelch knob fully counter clockwise.The Electra/Bearcat BC350, BC300, BC250, BC220, BC20/20, BC211, BC210, and BC210XL models were hand assembled, and every one I've serviced had several connections that were either soldered poorly, or not soldered at all.Its main purpose is to switch off power hungry stages of the BC200XLT when the CPU thinks the NiCd voltage has fallen below a threshhold.The BC350 used a separate pushbutton switch for this purpose.A close examination revealed that this lead had been soldered only on the top of the board - the bottom side had never been soldered.
Jim Craig replaced a 22uF/35V C98 capacitor to repair his BC210XW.
In a pinch you bypass Q201 by soldering a short piece of bare wire between the collector and emitter, but you must first fix the component which caused Q201 to fail.