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Naruto shippuden 122 episodes

The next day, left in charge as Minato heads off, Kakashi leads Rin and Obito into enemy territory before they are attacked by the Hidden Stone ninja Kakko and Taiseki who abduct Rin.
Pain changes into a new body and tells Konan to confront Jiraiya, their former sensei.However, Itachi retaliates by sealing him away into another dimension, ridding Sasuke of the Curse Mark.After Sasuke and Suigetsu arrive at the Southern Hideout, Sasuke requests that Karin comes with them.Afterwards, Jiraiya goes on a journey with the goal to fulfill his destiny, meeting many strange characters on the way.Upon arriving there, Sasuke and his team are attacked by a massive number of rampaging prisoners, who they manage to suppress.After being told that Kimimaro has died for his sake, Jugo agrees to go with them, believing that Kimimaro lives on within Sasuke.Both combatants collapse and Sasuke deactivates his Sharingan.135 "The Longest Moment" Transcription: "Nagaki toki no naka." ( Japanese :.) November 19, 2009 January 28, 2013 (online) November 19, 2016 (TV) As Sasuke approaches the Uchiha hideout, Itachi recalls his past with his little brother and the assassination that he carried out after joining."Naruto Shippuden Collection 12 (Eps 141-153) - DVD".Unable to survive, Manda dies from his wounds and Zetsu informs the remaining Akatsuki of the death of Deidara and Tobi.He also tells that the Nine-tails attack was not a natural disaster, it was summoned by someone.Masashi Kishimoto 's manga series.7 The season aired on Neon Alley from January 12 to February 4, 2013.Believing to have driver hewlett packard printer update 1 won, Deidara drops his guard, only to be pierced by Sasuke's Chidori.133 "The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant" Transcription: "Jiraiya gketsu monogatari" ( Japanese : ) October 29, 2009 January 28, 2013 (online) November 5, 2016 (TV) Jiraiya goes into deep panic thinking Pain is either Yahiko or Nagato, as Pain possesses Rinnegan which Nagato had and.Tobi gets back up unharmed as Deidara retaliates with his chakra-level 1 (C1) explosives.Sasuke orders Suigetsu to release the prisoners, and after that, they set off to recruit the final member of the team - Jugo.Some time later, Sasuke reminisces on Itachi's final words to him, before breaking down into tears.The sixth season aired from June 2009 to January 2010.Angered at being mocked, Deidara unveils his final attack, turning himself into a living bomb and detonating himself in an attempt to kill Sasuke.
He then states that he cannot rebuild the Uchiha clan in the same way that Itachi had envisioned.