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Wow 1.10 patch file

wow 1.10 patch file

Thunder Clap damage reduced to 60/100/140 from 70/110/150.
This talent increases Seal of Righteousness and Judgement of Righteousness by 3-15.
Items edit Scroll of Restoration is now a level 5 item instead of a level 6 item.
Abyssal Cloth Pants were missing their Spell Critical bonus; this has been corrected.Inner Fire - Redesigned.Guard Slip'kik's patrol path has been altered.These were needed for the Mark of Cenarius and the Mark of Remulos, their drop rates are now comparable to the other task briefings.Lieutenant General Andorov will now offer supplies if kept alive through wep wpa cracking tool windows the battle.Tower Banners in Alterac Valley can no longer be used through walls.The target of the Demon Forged Breastplate's effect no longer has to be in front of the wearer.Several Civilian NPCs that would assist the guards in attacking players no longer.Desperate Prayer (Dwarf/Human) - Cooldown reduced.Healing and Mana cost reduced so that the healing per second is unchanged, but the healing per mana is increased approximately.Shaman will no longer stop falling when they use a Sentry Totem.The Dreamscale Breastplate is now Bind on Equip.Traps can now be detected in the same way stealthed units can be detected.The Zulian Stone Axe has the proper inventory icon again.Hippogryph attack decreased from 1d9 37 to 1d7 31 to reflect new air pathing changes.Other edit When "attack-moving air units now prefer to attack other air units more often than previously.Alchemy There is now an Elixir of Greater Firepower recipe in the world.Fixed stacking of paladin auras so they overlap, but only the best aura in a given category is in effect.Scroll of Town Portal now takes 5 seconds to use.His patrol path was altered accordingly.Holy Shock - This ability now works with Divine Favor and Illumination.
The Netherwind Regalia Set's instant cast spell bonus will no longer be consumed if the mage is not facing his or her target.

The Dawn Treaders, Timbermaw Brawlers and Might of the Timbermaw now make sounds when moved in your inventory.
Tauren Totem cost changed to 135/155 from 90/200.